About us

Year 2008 a couple wanted to make a dream come true. They wanted to have a dog. But they could not imagine how that furry little creature would change their lives.

Troy was his name and he became a full part of their life - their happiness, their home, their values.

Soon Troy's company covered every moment of their life.

But happens a problem: they could not find quality and modern clothes for Troy, a 16kg French Bulldog.

Why couldn't the clothing needs of our best friend fit into a modern and contemporary design?

The same happen with their friends with Greyhound, Dachshund or English Bulldog.

This is why Trendy4paws was founded. From a great love for dogs and a passion for quality and beautiful things.

Our collections are designed for the use and comfort of our best friends, without forgetting the fashion inspiration and creativity. Using modern design, high quality and innovative materials, the products are made to enjoy and to last.

Also, we are proud that all our garments and accessories are made in Europe.